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I offer lessons on the internet with Zoom. If you are interested please contact me and we can schedule a lesson.

こんにちはと挨拶... お会いできて光栄です! Zoomを使用してインターネットでレッスンを提供します。興味のある方はご連絡ください。レッスンのスケジュールを組むことができます。

I look forward to talking with you.

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Music /English lessons

Please EMAIL for scheduling/confirmation

1.Saxophone private lesson


2.Improvisation/Jazz specific lesson


3.Music Theory lesson; Classical/Jazz


4.English Lesson; group lesson or private.

Ben Jansson Jazz Workshop, 2018
All lessons are 4,000Yen/hour OR

Jazz Japan Magazine,          MAY 2020!

Teaching Jazz and English in South Korea! 2018

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Summer clip, Sapporo Scenes, 2017Ben Jansson Ensemble
00:00 / 02:41

CDs by Mail



A truly special album. A Classical string quartet and a Jazz quartet. An all original ''Jazz Suite'' in 4 movements. Depicting the 4 seasons in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Featuring excellent Sapporo musicians. A thoughtful and engaging album, 2017.
A LIVE recording from Jamusica club in Sapporo. This album features Hirostugu Sakemoto on trombone and Arisa Morikawa on alto saxophone. All original compositions and a wonderful performance.
Another TryBen Jansson Organ Trio
00:00 / 04:06
This is a fun, energetic and soulful album. This band was on the road in Michigan and throughout the east coast before recording this session.
Ben Jansson-tenor
Duncan McMillan-b3 organ
Randy Napoleon-guitar
David Brophy-drums
Recorded in Lansing, MI, 2011
NEW MUSIC BOOK!! Available as Download, 1,500Yen



1& 1/2 page etude based on Au Privave by Charlie Parker. Utilizing the song material to create language.


MY NEW CD... featuring a superb trio from Michigan, USA
Rick Roe-piano 
Paul Keller -bass
Sean Dobbins-drums
ALL ORIGINAL's a really fun album! 
04 Fungi MamaBen Jansson Quartet
00:00 / 03:08
Recorded LIVE at Jazz Club D-Bop, Sapporo, Japan, 2016.
Ben Jansson-tenor sax
Tatsuru Naganuma-guitar
Masaya Yanagi-bass
Hiroki Itou-drums
Recorded at Kerrytown Concert House in Ann Arbor, MI
and Moriarty's Jazz Tuesday concert series in Lansing, MI in the summer of 2017. Features all Michigan musicians including Rick Roe, Paul Keller and Sean Dobbins.
My first CD, recorded LIVE at the Firefly Jazz club in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. 2007. 
Randy Napoleon-guitar
Rick Roe-piano
Paul Keller-bass
Pete Siers-drums
Very fun performance with a great LIVE atmosphere.

New 6- page Booklet for Beginning improvisers


Listen to my NYC based quintet and many many fabulous musicians in the video archives.
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