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There is a philosophical difference between learning by fear VS. learning through creating. Both can lead to skill and proficiency, but one is healthier than the other. 

For example... "have to learn my scales to become a good musician!"... VS learning by creating..."I love this note and the sound of these notes together. I want to play the notes like this. What are the other notes in the scale? Maybe I can make a song with these notes?" 
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Sample Music Lesson using my "Always Create" method...It's about learning a song and using all the bits and pieces and having fun with it..You can use this approach on any type of song you are learning or even composing. Any genre too.   The main point is to play with the song. Explore the musical building blocks in the song by making them into your own little patterns and ideas to have fun with!

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                      24 Miniatures
An ongoing composition project...
Some of these videos represent clips of slightly longer pieces.
1 The Beginning
3 A moment
2 Snow Squall
4 Every Child
5 Glass Ceiling
6 MVT I At First You Don't Succeed
7 MVT II At First You Don't succeed
8 MVT III At First You Don't Succeed
9 Scene From a Show
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