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November Performances

11/2-Concert for "Sapporo Jazz", With Mizuho Band

11/3 Sapporo Jazz Workshop Students perform at Hokkaido International School

11/24 Hassamu Aeon Concert Stage, Ben Jansson Quartet. 13:00pm start, FREE show.

11/24 Ben Jansson Sextet "Plays Originals and Music by Thelonius Monk", 19:00pm start at Kamihikouki Cafe, Sapporo.

11/25 Ben Jansson Quartet and Sapporo Jazz Workshop "An Afternoon of Jazz", Fiesta Party House, 14:00pm-16:30pm. 2,000Y adults and 1,000 students.

11/27 PRIVATE EVENT, Hokkaido A

ssembly members association of USA-JAPAN friendship promotion"

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