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Up coming Gigs

February 28, Coo Jazz Club, Yuka Tamamura Trio

March 2, Big Tree Concert-Afternoon

March 2, Cats and Dog's Jazz Cafe, with Tatsuru Naganuma, Mayu Kosaku, 21:00pm

March 11, Jamusica with Tatsuru Naganuma Trio

March 19, Showboat Jazz Club with Tatsuru Naganuma Trio

March 23, Coo Jazz Club, Sapporo, Ben Jansso

n Quartet

April 27, Sapporo Jazz Workshop, Open to Public, 10:30am-12noon, 2,000Yen

April 28, Sapporo Mirai Jazz Festival with Sapporo Jazz Workshop Band

May 10-13 Ben Jansson Tokyo Quartet Tour-Sapporo

June 25-Ben Jansson Sextet, Jamusica

June 26-Yuka Tamamura Large Ensemble Fiesta, Sapporo

June 27-Sapporo TBA

June 28-Sapporo TBA

June 29-Lake Onuma Jazz festival

June 30-Lake Onuma Jazz Festival


Private lessons available:

April 27 afternoon, evening, April 28

May 10-13, day or early evening

June 25-30, day or early evening

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